How Churches Recruit 

bibleChurch meets the spiritual and social needs of people. Through church people can have a sense of belonging. Churches are always looking for new members to recruit, but finding these new members can be a challenge for most of them. Even big churches welcome new members but never make any significant efforts toward marketing their services and recruiting new members. Even though they welcome people whenever they show up, most do not take proactive steps to ensure they have more followers, creating an opportunity gap. Below is how people market and manage their small and big churches like a business to ensure they get more followers.

Active Community Involvement
The church exists to serve the community. In fact, community involvement benefits both the community and exposes it to a larger audience out there. Volunteering for community-sponsored events is a great way to start. Churches use this opportunity to meet with people and inform them about their activities as well as what they offer.

Church Member Recruitment
Churches often ask existing members to invite their family and friends. They select a few Sundays and dedicate them to visitors. These Sundays usually bear a special message urging visitors to join. They also help them understand the mission and vision of the church. During these events they spread literature about church using literature display stands and just giving it away to everybody who is interested.

Hosting Community Events
Churches should make a different in their surrounding environment or community where they exist. They demonstrate the love of God by interacting and socializing with the locals. They reach out to the community by hosting events that uplift society and use volunteers to help better the community. Simple activities such a cleaning a local garden or park is one way to demonstrate humble servant-hood. It is also a way of informing members of the community about what the church does.


Creating Diversity and Offering Friendly Services
Welcoming people with visual and hearing impairment by giving them a place to worship and catering for some of their needs is also another way of marketing the church and recruiting new members. Targeting the diverse population and making them feel included in the church activities can help increase church membership.

Small and big churches exist to serve the needs of the community, which often has more needs but limited resources to serve them. These are some of the tips that churches use to recruit new members and manage their activities like a business. While the tips are not all-inclusive, they can help churches reach out to the community and attract the attention of visitors.

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