When did Church Become Such a Production?

Churches nowadays are not just places of worship but have also been changed to big productions with Television filming and sets being built. There are many factors that led to this but it does not mean that religion has lost its core values. Such production activities are meant to improve the financial status of the church and to be used as important teaching aid. Some churches are engaged in serious business activities at the same time a place of worship. This enhanced the religious values and made it more main stream. The question that most people ask is “When did Church Become Such a Production?”

church production

1.When Technology Advanced

Improvement in technology has made everything possible and simple. There are some technologies that can be easily accessed by churches to make their work easier. They can use the latest equipment to record a video, edit and sell it to make some money at the same time spread the gospel. The use of technologies has also made churches to develop the print media so as to produce easily the hard copies of some biblical books and other gospel materials. All these were implemented when technology advanced.

2.When The Actual Number Of Worshipers Increased Beyond The Holding Capacity Of Churches

It is a fact that the number of people in curches increases but the holding capacity of the churches remains the same. This has made it necessary to have television filming so that people can follow the sermon while at different places. It is not necessary for them to be physically there in the church. This is a way of making it easier for them to access the live sermon instead of the congestion evidenced in some churches. It is important for each religion to consider this to avoid congestion in churches.

3. When People Started Having Different Worshiping Schedules

Initially, people used to worship at the same time and day. Nowadays, people just need to follow the sermon without necessarily attending the church service. Some religions have started recording the sermon so that the believers can take the recorded sermons and watch at their free time. People have different work schedules and most of them find free time when it is not the normal worshiping day. That is why most churches record their services as a film. It is not because they want to sell the recorded clips and but they want to reach those people who may not be available during the day of worship.

church production

4.When Worshipers Started Putting A Lot Of Emphasis On Evangelism

Big productions with Television filming and sets being built are the main tools that enhances and makes evangelism easier and effective. When the worshipers in a given religion want to spread religion to many people in different parts, recorded media makes their work easier. Besides, they can be recorded live as they spread the good news in various places.

Those are some of the instances when church become such a production. They find such technology very effective and efficient to achieve their objectives. Most people mistake such actions claiming that religion has lost its core meaning which is not the case. Instead, they are used to enhance and improve the main objective of church.

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